Plastic İnjection Mold Making

  • 22/08/2021


The Plastic Injection industry, which was since the billiard ball was put forward as an alternative option to the production of ivory in the 1890s, gave birth to Injection Molding. Most of the objects that have entered our daily lives and are of vital importance are produced from plastic. Plastic products are used in many fields, from kitchenware to automotive parts, from power plants to irrigation equipment, from firearms and vehicles to disposable products, from construction materials to travel equipment, from medical products to toys, and more. Mass production of plastic injection products is possible with the right injection mold. It is possible for plastic products to be of the desired quality and feature if the injection mold is produced by qualified and experienced hands. Before the injection mold is produced, necessary analyzes and researches should be made about the plastic product features, the molding method, the machines, and benches to be used, and the design and mold set. Inexperienced and only profit-oriented productions; The short life of the mold will cause defects in the form of the desired product, low product quality, and above all time and capital losses. For this reason, the selection of the injection mold manufacturer is of great importance.

How is Injection Mold Made?

Before the mold is made, the product to be molded must be analyzed correctly. After obtaining the necessary data about raw material, shape, size, runner preference, and daily production amount, the design phase is started. Mold design is made to work at the most efficient level. The mold consists of two halves (male) and (female). Each half contains its own binding, support, and anchor plates. After the flow analyzes are examined and necessary adjustments and updates are made, the die set is ordered. One of the most important elements in the mold set is the selection of raw materials suitable for the product. Qualified steel is preferred for special products. After CAD and CAM programming, the mold is processed in CNC, Lathe, and EDM machines. The locations of the centering, guide, and ejector pins and cooling channels must be carefully processed. The molds, whose machining process is completed, are carefully collected and ready to be mounted on the injection machine after the necessary protective measures are taken.

Injection Mold Design

Injection mold design point is very important. During the injection design, expert designers should be preferred. Mold design can be achieved according to the customer's preference. Three-dimensional programs can be preferred during mold injection design. Injection molds are made of particularly robust and steel material. Injection molds made of durable material are suitable for use for a long time. In particular, the product dimensions that will occur during the injection mold design must be taken correctly. In particular, the number should be determined to meet the annual need. According to the customer's request, product features are obtained.


Plastic Injection Mold Prices

Plastic injection mold prices vary according to the features of the mold. The features of the mold are determined according to the geometry, structure, surface quality of the product to be produced, and the injection machine in which the mold will be used, so these factors directly affect the price. Pricing will be more accurate if the design of the product to be obtained is determined correctly by the company that produces the mold. Plastic materials are highly preferred. Mass-produced products are used for years.


Conditions to be Considered in Injection Mold

During injection molding, there are situations that need to be considered in many ways. First, the cost must be determined. The cost issue is very important for injection. Injection mold suitable for the product preferred by the customer is very important. The selection of steel materials that are not suitable for the product, the number of mold chambers that are not proportional to the number of products is among the factors to be considered. It is also important whether the product is patterned or patterned, glossy or matte. Expert designers should be preferred in the injection molding process.